The sale of Los Hualles includes all the basic farm machinery, equipment and tools, including a tractor, a cargo trailer, two weed and grass cutters, one mulcher,  one sit-on-top mowing machine, 2 Stihl chain saws, and 2 Stihl grass trimmers, and three water pumps.
All equipment is well maintained and fully operating. 

The tractor is a Worktrac 604 with 65 hp, 2014, with  around 1,500 hrs. working hours. Both front tires were replaced in 2018.


The mulched is a Zeppelin imported from Italy in 2015. He serves to dig  grass and weed under the ground and avoid herbicides. 


We operate two weed and grass cutters like you can observe in the first pic: one 1.40m is wide, the other 1.80m.  The use pends on the terrain.